Fittings for SafetyCaps / SafetyWasteCaps

Fittings with integrated ferrule for SafetyCaps and SafetyWasteCaps.
Use the blind plugs to tighten connectors which are temporarily inactive or not in use.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourDescriptionMaterialOuter diam. mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
whiteFittings for capillariesPTFE2.34.005 44510.00
whiteFittings for capillariesPTFE4.76 (3/16")4.005 4481.00
blueFittings for capillariesPFA3.29.042 8925.00
VioletFittings for capillariesPFA2.36.255 9615.00
whiteFittings for capillariesPTFE1.64.005 44410.00
whiteFittings for capillariesPTFE3.24.005 44610.00
-Fitting for preparative HPLCPTFE4.06.262 9871.00
greenFittings for capillariesPFA1.66.241 7925.00
whiteFitting for preparative HPLCPTFE6.04.005 9491.00
whiteFittings for capillariesPTFE6.35 (1/4")4.005 4471.00