Gel Documentation Workflow Kit gelLITE

The starter package for working with agarose gels in the laboratory. It includes everything necessary from gel loading to gel documentation and quantification.

  • Gel documentation system gelLITE with pre-focused camera and blue light converter screen. Acquisition and analysis software is already included licence-free
  • Electrophoresis tank multiSUB Midi is an injection-moulded tank for up to 100 samples and each platinum electrode is recessed in a removable cassette to protect it from damage
  • Power supply PowerPro can be operated in constant mode or programmed. Stores preset protocols for each Cleaver Scientific gel tank

Scope of supply: Gel documentation system gelLITE, electrophoresis tank multiSUB Midi DUO, power supply PowerPro 300, UV to blue light converter (21 x 26 cm), UV fluorescent ruler, UV gel scoop, agarose (100 g), DNA ladder (100 bp to 10 Kb), DNA staining reagent runSAFE (50 bp to 20 Kb), TAE running buffer (1 l)

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