Handcleaner Rolls ASPURE

The roller itself has adhesive properties and does not contain any adhesive. To use together with a transfer sheet sold separately.

  • Roller material: Polymer
  • Surface resistance: 108 Ω (strong adhesive, red rolls)
  • Red = strong adhesive, anti-static protection
  • Green = medium adhesive
  • Blue = weak adhesive

Toote variatsioonid

ColourMaterialWidth mmOverall length mmRoll diam. mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
greenFrame aluminium40110204.663 6921.00
redFrame plastic613064.663 6881.00
redFrame nylon177210304.663 6901.00
BlauFrame aluminium40110204.663 6951.00
greenFrame nylon177210304.663 6931.00
greenFrame plastic613064.663 6911.00
BlauFrame plastic613064.663 6941.00
redFrame aluminium40110204.663 6891.00
BlauFrame nylon177210304.663 6961.00