High-Performance lab refrigerators TSX, up to 2 °C, with solid door

  • Bright, LED interior lighting
  • Heat-free defrost for maximum temperature uniformity
  • Specifications
  • Temperature range: 2 … 8 °C
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz

Toote variatsioonid

Depth int.Ext. depthExt. heightExt. widthHeight int.Int. widthMax. temperatureMax. voltageMin. temperatureNo. of doorsNominal capacityCatalog numberTypeWith glass doorPKKogus 
723 mm962 mm1994 mm711 mm1473 mm610 mm8 °C230 V-2 °C1650 l4.672 636TSX 2305 SVNo1.00
554 mm790 mm1854 mm619 mm1331 mm508 mm8 °C230 V-2 °C1326 l4.672 635TSX 1205 SVNo1.00
723 mm962 mm1994 mm864 mm1473 mm762 mm8 °C230 V-2 °C1827 l4.672 637TSX 3005 SVNo1.00