Lab sleeves, lead

Cylindrical, with opening. Provides a stable bench support for a variety of vessels, or used to sink flasks in waterbaths. Sealed in strong PVC. Flexible. Can be opened, closed or adapted to the diameter of the laboratory flask.

Toote variatsioonid

For flasksInt. ØMaterialMaterial
Catalog numberWeightPKKogus 
Ø 55 ... 80 mm66 mmLeadPVC9.149 917460 g1.00
Ø 45 ... 64 mm53 mmLeadPVC9.149 916240 g1.00
Ø 65 ... 100 mm80 mmLeadPVC9.149 918600 g1.00
Ø 85 ... 125 mm100 mmLeadPVC9.149 919750 g1.00