Laboratory Chair Neon

Neon new generation laboratory chairs. Neon offers the best possible support for the body and excellent sitting comfort to wellbeing at work in the laboratory. Neon supports the forward-leaning sitting position that is often necessary for the laboratory work. So Neon is always the ideal solution for the laboratory, when a really comfortable chair is needed.

  • Resistant to disinfectants and chemicals: Resistant to all of the usual disinfectants and chemicals.
  • Seat and backrest upholstery made of artificial leather (soft and comfortable, washable and antibacterial) or soft-touch PU foam (extremly robust, washable and antibacterial) in black.
  • Contaminant-free: No toxic substance and emission.
  • Award winning for shape and sustainability. Neon is the first laboratory chair to be awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-label.
  • Extra large, ergonomically designed backrest.
  • Neon can be adjusted in every possible way to cater for different body sizes and weights on the one hand and the most varied activities on the other.
  • The synchronous technology provides an active-dynamic sitting experience. The seat and backrest accompany the body as it moves.
  • Innovative changeable upholstery system.
  • The 1+1 system makes the change of upholstery very easy: The upholstery elements are simply placed on the chair and fixed with a click. .
  • Seat height adjustment by gas spring.
  • Synchronous technology including ergonomics package with seat height, seat inclination, seat depth and backrest height adjustment as well as weight regulation.
  • Solid black aluminium star base, flat design.
  • The chrome-plated foot ring for the high chairs provides support through the wide tread area and can be easily and quickly adjusted in height.
  • With certificate “Tested Safety” (GS mark).
  • 10 years warranty, Made in Germany

Accessories: Multifunktional armrests (pair): Adjustable in height, width and depth as well as swiveling.

Toote variatsioonid

TypeColourDescriptionMaterialSeat height adjustment mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
Neon 2OrangeCastors, Synchronous mechanismArtificial Leather450 - 6206.287 7211.00
Neon 3greyStop and Go Castors, Foot RingArtificial Leather630-9106.287 7251.00
Neon 2OrangeCastors, Synchronous mechanismPU Foam450 - 6207.672 1571.00
Neon 2greyCastors, Synchronous mechanismPU Foam450 - 6206.287 7231.00
Neon 3greyStop and Go Castors, Foot RingPU Foam630-9106.287 7271.00
Neon 3OrangeStop and Go Castors, Foot RingArtificial Leather630-9106.287 7241.00
Neon 3OrangeStop and Go Castors, Foot RingPU Foam630-9106.287 7261.00
Neon 2greyCastors, Synchronous mechanismArtificial Leather450 - 6206.287 7221.00
MultifunctionalArmrests----6.287 7282.00
Neon 2OrangeCastors, Synchronous mechanismPU Foam450 - 6206.318 7831.00
Neon 2OrangeCastors, Permanent contact backrestPU Foam450 - 6206.318 7841.00