Laboratory pH meter 766

Laboratory pH meter for standard laboratory applications

Gaincheck® performs a complete instrument check. At the touch of a button it not only checks electrical features, but also display and keypad. A short check after power-on automatically reviews efficiency of instrument functions.
Drycheck® monitors electrode impedance and alerts to electrode dry-up even in stand-by mode.
Sensoface® monitors the electrode performance and provides information on its condition, by evaluating zero point, transconductance and electrode impedance
Trueline® delivers a calibrated analog line recorder signal
Calimatic®, which automatically recognises the correct buffer, calibrates safely and easily at the touch of a button. EMC design protects instrument against electromagnetic interference. CE compliant and follows the EMC guidelines.

Case made of glass reinforced PA12, stainless steel cover, IP 54 protective system, ready for connection to ZU 6954 attachment stand. Alphanumeric display, 2 x 4 digits, 14 segment LED, character height 13 mm, 3 Sensoface status indicators.

Electrode monitoring

  • Sensoface®: Evaluates zero point, transconductance, response time and electrode impedance, good/average/poor optical display gives information on electrode condition, can be disabled.
  • Drycheck®: Monitors electrode impedance for dry-up, glass breakage and defective connections also in stand-by mode. Calibration timer monitors calibration intervals.

Instrument self-test system:

  • Gaincheck®: Tests electrode and memory data and monitors the measuring circuit and measurement value analysis. Results of all test stages are displayed.

Laboratory pH meter 766, includes mains cable and 3 year guarantee.
Laboratory pH meter 766 SET A, with mains cable and pH/Pt 1000 SE 101 combination electrode (Plastic, 110 mm).
Laboratory pH meter 766 SET B, with mains cable and pH/Pt 1000 SE 100 combination electrode (Glass, 165 mm).

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Laboratory pH meter 766 SET B9.774 7631.00
Laboratory pH meter 7669.774 7611.00
Laboratory pH meter 766 SET A9.774 7621.00