Laboratory Seating Furniture, GMP

Due to their ergonomically correct design, WERKSITZ work chairs encourage “dynamic sitting” while simultaneously promoting proper posture in every position. Ergonomically designed seats and backrests provide beneficial pressure distribution and pleasant climate comfort. All materials are washable and disinfectant resistant. Seat positions can be adjusted easily, with just a few quick motions. Adjusting elements are functionally arranged and easy to use. Chrome-plated cover tubes, height adjustment with safety gas spring, polished diecast aluminium five-star base with load-dependent braking castors.
Model Klimastar is fully perforated seats and backrests, maximum air circulation, optimum seat climate and removable cushions.
WERKSITZ imitation leather is DIN 53160 certified to be: disinfectant resistant, blood resistant, urine resistant, saliva resistant and sweat resistant.

Toote variatsioonid

TypeColourMaterialSeat height adjustment mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
Laboratory chair Classicturquoiseimitation leather460 - 6409.732 2221.00
Klimastar, with armreststurquoisePUR integral foam450 - 6209.732 2201.00
Saddle stoollight-greyimitation leather510 - 6609.732 2231.00
Standing restlight-greyPUR integral foam700 - 9109.732 2241.00
Laboratory chair, high, with step-up raillight-greyPUR integral foam640 - 8809.732 2211.00