Laboratory tubing Isoflex, PVC

Autoclavable, transparent and non-toxic, non ageing and non oxidising. Packed in PE bags. The tubing is marked every metre. Good resistance against strong acids and akalis, fair resistance against organic solvents. Durometer 77 Shore A.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourExt. ØInt. ØLengthMaterialCatalog numberShore hardnessWall thicknessPKKogus 
Transparent4 mm2 mm20 mPVC9.205 14377 A1.0 mm20.00
Transparent12.0 mm8 mm20 mPVC9.205 14877 A2.0 mm20.00
Transparent11.0 mm7 mm20 mPVC9.205 14777 A2.0 mm20.00
Transparent17.0 mm12 mm20 mPVC9.205 15077 A2.5 mm20.00
Transparent6.0 mm4 mm20 mPVC9.205 14477 A1.0 mm20.00
Transparent2.4 mm1 mm20 mPVC9.205 14277 A0.8 mm20.00
Transparent9 mm6 mm20 mPVC9.205 14677 A1.5 mm20.00
Transparent14.0 mm10 mm20 mPVC9.205 14977 A2.0 mm20.00
Transparent8.0 mm5 mm20 mPVC9.205 14577 A1.5 mm20.00