Light Microscopes Lab-Line OBL sets, with C-mount camera

The sets are the complete digital solution for live investigations.

  • Tube 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
  • Diopter adjustment one-sided
  • Coaxial pre-and fine focussing
  • ABBE 1,25 N.A. condensor with aperture diaphragm, focusable and pre-centered koehler illumination
  • Lightfield diaphragm
  • 3 W LED illumination

Scope of supply:
Light microscope, camera, C-Mount adapter, dust cover, eye cups, manual instruction

Toote variatsioonid

CondenserDepthDepth stageHeightInterfacesCatalog numberPlug typePower supplySensorTypeWeightWidthWidth stagePKKogus 
Abbe N.A. 1,25200 mm130 mm380 mmUSB 3.04.670 985EU230 V, 50 HzCMOS 1/2,5"OBL 137C8327.7 kg395 mm145 mm1.00
Abbe N.A. 1,25200 mm130 mm380 mmUSB 2.06.313 869EU230 V, 50 HzCMOS 1/2,5"OBL 137C8257.7 kg395 mm145 mm1.00