LLG-Electronic single channel microliter pipettes, variable

The LLG-Electronic pipettes have been designed for maximum performance, accuracy and simple operation. The microprocessor-based system reduces the possibility for human error. Lightweight and ergonomic controls help to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries which is common in manual pipetting. Attractively designed with an extraordinary finishing of parts due to high grade mould selection. That gives the LLG-Electronic Pipette its final touch.

Ingenious single operation
All software controls and functions of the LLG-Electronic Pipettes are done by one patented user-friendly innovative knob (jog-dial). No small switches and no snippy button keys as in old, conventional electronic pipettes. Each pipette can be easily selected and identified by colour coding.
Modern visual display
An innovatic OLED-Display for a graphic readout of status indicator for all functions of the new LLG-Electronic Pipettes.
Self-calibration system
The user can calibrate the pipettor for solutions of different viscosity. The system also permanently controls all functions and indicates all errors.
Resourceful SCS-System
This system controls the piston movement of the LLG-Electronic Pipettes and guarantees highest precision and accuracy.
The LLG-Electronic Pipette is adjusted for the delivery (Ex) of its nominal volume as defined in ISO 8655.

Toote variatsioonid

AccuracyCapacityDivisionMax. capacityMin. capacityNo. of channelsCatalog numberPrecisionPKKogus 
0,9 ± R%10 ... 200 µl0.2 µl19.281 0520,5 ≤ VK%1.00