Measuring jugs, PP, blue scale or embossed

Transparente. Graduated beakers with handle with blue printed scale or embossed. Ergonomic handle for secure grip. Functional spout to minimize spills. Cleaning at temperatures below 60 °C is recommended to preserve marks and inscriptions. For autoclaving (121 °C), beakers with an embossed scale should be selected.

Toote variatsioonid

AutoclavableColourØGraduationHeightMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberType of
With handleWith spoutPKColour
YesTransparent92 mm10 ml140 mmPP500 ml9.275 272EmbossedYesYes1.00-
YesTransparent43 mm2 ml67 mmPP50 ml9.275 269EmbossedYesYes1.00-
-Transparent117 mm20 ml181 mmPP1000 ml9.275 266-YesYes1.00Blue
-Transparent204 mm100 ml270 mmPP5000 ml9.275 268-YesYes1.00Blue
YesTransparent74 mm5 ml120 mmPP250 ml9.275 271EmbossedYesYes1.00-
YesTransparent152 mm50 ml213 mmPP2000 ml9.275 274EmbossedYesYes1.00-
-Transparent54 mm2 ml85 mmPP100 ml9.275 263-YesYes1.00Blue
-Transparent92 mm10 ml140 mmPP500 ml9.275 265-YesYes1.00Blue
YesTransparent204 mm100 ml270 mmPP5000 ml9.275 771EmbossedYesYes1.00-
-Transparent172 mm50 ml242 mmPP3000 ml9.275 267-YesYes1.00Blue
-Transparent43 mm2 ml67 mmPP50 ml9.275 769-YesYes1.00Blue
YesTransparent117 mm20 ml181 mmPP1000 ml9.275 273EmbossedYesYes1.00-
-Transparent152 mm50 ml213 mmPP2000 ml9.275 770-YesYes1.00Blue
YesTransparent54 mm2 ml85 mmPP100 ml9.275 270EmbossedYesYes1.00-
YesTransparent172 mm50 ml242 mmPP3000 ml9.275 275EmbossedYesYes1.00-