Measuring scoops, PP, coloured

Also suitable as weighing scoops. Easily readable volume quantities on the upper side of the handle.
Food-safe product according to regulation (EU) No. 10/2011.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourFood safeMaterialNominal capacityOverall lengthKogus 
6.291 6141.00Light blueYesPP100 ml200 mm
6.260 6061.00BlueYesPP100 ml200 mm
6.291 6131.00BlackYesPP100 ml200 mm
7.910 3791.00GreenYesPP100 ml200 mm
7.910 3781.00RedYesPP100 ml200 mm
6.283 84312.00RedYesPP50 ml160 mm
4.660 9636.00UltramarineYesPP250 ml260 mm
6.310 2951.00UltramarineYesPP100 ml200 mm
6.291 6121.00GreyYesPP100 ml200 mm
6.283 84412.00RedYesPP250 ml260 mm
6.260 6051.00YellowYesPP100 ml200 mm
6.310 2941.00UltramarineYesPP50 ml160 mm