Membrane filters, mixed cellulose ester, with grid

Recommended for clarification and sterilisation of aqueous solutions, microbiological analysis and particle counts

  • Membranes with grid lines are ideal for microbiological analysis (bacterial counts) of water, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, etc. for the measurement of coliform bacteria and other germs
  • Gridded membranes (black grid on white membrane) for counts of colonies as a standard method of quantification, black grid, clearly defined sections (3.1 x 3.1 mm grid)
  • Special ink, non-toxic and totally free from bacterial growth inhibitors, is used for imprinting
  • Sterilised membranes (packaged in individual blisters)

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourØMaterialPore sizeSterileKogus 
6.292 114100.00White50 mmMixed cellulose ester (MCE)0.20 µmYes
4.652 713100.00White47 mmMixed cellulose ester (MCE)0.45 µmYes
6.292 115100.00White50 mmMixed cellulose ester (MCE)0.45 µmYes
6.292 113100.00White47 mmMixed cellulose ester (MCE)0.20 µmYes