Membrane filters type 111, cellulose acetate, sterile

White, individually sterile packed. Resistant to steam sterilisation up to 134 °C, or in dry heat up to 180 °C. Very low adsorption (important when filtering proteinaceous solutions). Suitable for particle removal and ultracleaning of aqueous solutions, methanol, ethanol, high-grade alcohols and residue analysis of fuels and oils. The extractable content of these filters make up < 1 % of their weight. Other pore sizes and formats available on request.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourØMaterialPore sizeSterileTypeKogus 
7.016 999100.00White50 mmCellulose acetate (CA)0.45 µmYes111
7.017 002100.00White47 mmCellulose acetate (CA)0.20 µmYes111
7.016 998100.00White47 mmCellulose acetate (CA)0.45 µmYes111
7.017 003100.00White50 mmCellulose acetate (CA)0.20 µmYes111