Micro double-ended spatulas, 18/10 steel

Stainless steel with one end having a flat spatula and the other end having a flat spatula with rounded edges.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKMaterialOverall lengthShapeWidth spatulaKogus 
6.072 6311.00Stainless steel100 mmStraight4 mm
6.070 7971.00Stainless steel150 mmStraight3 mm
6.060 3051.00Stainless steel100 mmStraight5 mm
6.053 2391.00Stainless steel130 mmStraight2 mm
6.075 8941.00Stainless steel185 mmStraight6 mm
6.075 8921.00Stainless steel185 mmStraight4 mm
6.060 3031.00Stainless steel150 mmStraight2 mm
6.070 4851.00Stainless steel150 mmStraight6 mm
9.220 2161.00Stainless steel130 mmStraight5 mm
7.980 9521.00Stainless steel150 mmStraight9 mm
6.701 4531.00Stainless steel210 mmStraight9 mm
6.060 3041.00Stainless steel130 mmStraight4 mm
6.076 8381.00Stainless steel100 mmStraight2 mm
6.076 5431.00Stainless steel150 mmStraight4 mm
6.072 1301.00Stainless steel185 mmStraight9 mm
9.220 2101.00Stainless steel100 mmStraight3 mm
9.220 2181.00Stainless steel185 mmStraight5 mm
6.077 2791.00Stainless steel210 mmStraight6 mm
9.220 2131.00Stainless steel130 mmStraight3 mm
9.220 2151.00Stainless steel150 mmStraight5 mm
9.220 2211.00Stainless steel210 mmStraight5 mm