Microlitre syringes, 1000 series, with removable needle (RN)

Glass barrel with PTFE-coated plunger. Gas-tight microlitre syringes with removable needle (RN). Needle length: 51 mm

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKLength needleNominal capacityTypeTypeGaugeCapacity µlShape tip (needle)Kogus 
7.200 3101.0051 mm1000 µl1001 RN---Straight
9.221 4931.0051 mm1000 µl1001 RN---Bevel, curved
9.221 4941.0051 mm2500 µl1002 RN---Bevel, curved
9.221 4951.0051 mm5000 µl1005/RN1005/RN225000Bevel, curved