Microlitre syringes, 1700 series, with TLLX and gas tight

Glass barrel with PTFE-coated plunger and seal, and Luer lock outlet. With 6-32 UNC female thread. Allows attachment to drive arm mechanisms, e.g. Microlab 500 Series diluters/dispensers. Gas-tight microlitre syringe without needle. TLLX= Plunger stop fitted to prevent damage to the PTFE seal. Prevents the plunger tip from reaching the end of the syringe.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKDivisionNominal capacityTypeKogus 
9.221 3051.000.50 µl50 µl1705 TLLX
9.221 3151.002.50 µl250 µl1725 TLLX
9.221 3001.000.25 µl25 µl1702 TLLX
9.221 3201.005.00 µl500 µl1750 TLLX
9.221 3101.001.00 µl100 µl1710 TLLX