Optima® 5 Amine GC capillary columns for amine separation

especially deactivated for the analysis of polyfunctional amines such as ethanolamines, amino-functionalised diols and similar compounds, which are important base materials in industrial chemistry, and shows strong tailing on standard-deactivated columns; similar phases: Rtx-5 Amine, PTA-5; USP G27 / G36; improved linearity for analyses of active components at trace levels: no amine absorptions even for aliphatic and aromatic amines at concentrations of 100 pg/peak; tested with the Optima® Amine test mixture, which among others also contains diethanolamine and propanol-pyridine (this test mixture is supplied with each column). Max. temperature for isothermal operation: 300°C, max. temperature for short isotherms in a temperature programme: 320°C.

Toote variatsioonid

Length mInt. diam. mmFilm thickness µmOuter diam. mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
300. 1231.00
300.320.250.54.003 1251.00
300.250.500.46.900 6591.00