Panoramic Eyeshield uvex ultrasonic CR 9302

  • Professional protection of products and humans
  • First autoclavable protective goggle with anti-fog effect
  • Sterile eye protection in every situation
  • Autoclavable at least 10 times, 121 °C, 20 minutes
  • Innovative design, maximum functionality, wearer comfort
  • Ultra-light goggle with panorama lens, duo component technology and adjustable silicone headband
  • Indirect ventilation ensures a pleasant and comfortable interior environment
  • Easy lens replacement
  • Flexible soft components
  • Wide panoramic field of vision
  • Non-allergenic material which is free of harmful substances
  • EN 166
  • UV 400
  • Weight 98 g

coating uvex supravision clean

Toote variatsioonid

ColourLensCoatingCatalog numberPKKogus 
whiteclear /UV 2-1,2uvex supravision clean6.262 9431.00