pH electrodes for pH Meter testo 206-pH3

pH electrodes with gel electrolyte, BNC plug and fixed cable. Incl. wetting cap.

Toote variatsioonid

DescriptionDiaphragm typeRange pHCable mTemperature sensorTemp. range °CLength Probe shaft mmDiam. Probe Shaft Tip mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
pH Food electrode without temperature sensorHole2 ... 140.785--9547.400 3951.00
pH Universal plastic electrode without temperature sensorSingle-Pore0 ... 141.2--12046.205 7261.00
pH Glass electrode with temperature sensorSingle-Pore0 ... 141.2Pt1000-10 ... 8012087.036 9011.00
pH Universal plastic electrode with temperature sensorSingle-Pore0 ... 141.2Pt10000 ... 6012047.621 0021.00