Pipette rinser system

For easy and gentle cleaning of pipettes according to the suction lifter principle. A complete rinsing system consists of pipette washer, pipette soaking jar and pipette basket, please order separately. Heat resistant up to 105 °C, good chemical resistance.
Pipette basket: For holding pipettes up to 600 mm or burettes acc. to Mohr. The basket is equipped with a handle and a height-adjustable ring. The bottom of elastic PE reduces the risk of damage to the pipettes.
Pipette soaking jar: For pre-cleaning of the pipettes
Pipette rinser: For rinsing the pre-cleaned pipettes. The emptying siphon permits constant water exchange. The water inlet should be approx. 2 l/min.

Toote variatsioonid

TypeHeight mmØ mmHeight Insert mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
Pipette baskets4951452809.273 9801.00
Pipette rinser980173-9.409 2391.00
Pipette baskets870*1452809.273 9901.00
Pipette baskets645*1452809.273 9851.00
Pipette soaking jar650165-9.273 9251.00
Pipette rinser734170-9.409 2381.00
Pipette soaking jar503165-9.273 9201.00