Pressure-seal bags, LDPE

Transparent and resealable packaging bag

  • Food safe
  • Freezer resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 60 °C
  • Tear resistant
  • Standard version without printing

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourHeightMaterialThicknessWidthKogus 
7.614 224100.00Transparent100 mmLDPE0.05 mm70 mm
7.623 754500.00Transparent400 mmLDPE0.09 mm300 mm
7.632 265100.00Transparent600 mmLDPE0.05 mm400 mm
6.704 3371000.00Transparent150 mmLDPE0.09 mm100 mm
7.621 6451000.00Transparent170 mmLDPE0.09 mm120 mm
7.088 572100.00Transparent80 mmLDPE0.05 mm60 mm
7.624 599100.00Transparent120 mmLDPE0.09 mm80 mm
7.625 723100.00Transparent250 mmLDPE0.09 mm180 mm
7.624 598100.00Transparent100 mmLDPE0.09 mm70 mm
6.236 3961000.00Transparent220 mmLDPE0.05 mm160 mm