Round bottom flasks, DURAN®, narrow neck

  • DIN ISO 1773
  • With beaded rim
  • Glass Type I / neutral glass as per USP, EP and JP
  • Autoclavable

Toote variatsioonid

ColourØHeightMaterialNeck ØNo. of necksNominal capacityCatalog numberStandardWith beaded rimPKKogus 
Clear51 mm95 mmDURAN® glass26 mm150 ml9.141 417DIN ISO 1773Yes1.00
Clear85 mm144 mmDURAN® glass34 mm1250 ml9.141 436DIN ISO 1773Yes1.00
Clear295 mm380 mmDURAN® glass65 mm112000 ml6.801 504ASTM E 1403Yes1.00
Clear279 mm380 mmDURAN® glass65 mm110000 ml9.141 486DIN ISO 1773Yes1.00
Clear207 mm290 mmDURAN® glass52 mm14000 ml9.141 471DIN ISO 1773Yes1.00
Clear64 mm110 mmDURAN® glass26 mm1100 ml9.141 424DIN ISO 1773Yes1.00
Clear166 mm260 mmDURAN® glass42 mm12000 ml9.141 464-Yes1.00
Clear105 mm168 mmDURAN® glass34 mm1500 ml9.141 444DIN ISO 1773Yes1.00
Clear131 mm200 mmDURAN® glass42 mm11000 ml9.141 454DIN ISO 1773Yes1.00
Clear236 mm355 mmDURAN® glass51 mm16000 ml9.141 477-Yes1.00
Clear345 mm515 mmDURAN® glass76 mm120000 ml9.141 491ASTM E 1403Yes1.00
Clear223 mm305 mmDURAN® glass50 mm15000 ml9.141 473-Yes1.00