Safety containers, HDPE, electrically conductive, with UN approval

Suitable for the S.C.A.T. safety system.

Please note: The containers can be grounded with a suitable grounding cable (4.005 653, please order separately).

Toote variatsioonid

HeightCatalog numberPKColourDepthMaterialNominal capacityThreadWidthLevel controlWith UN approvalKogus 
455 mm4.664 1501.00Black240 mmHDPE30 lS 60/61364 mmNoYes
495 mm4.005 6711.00Black204 mmHDPE20 lS 60/61300 mmNoYes
630 mm4.005 5931.00Black396 mmHDPE60 lS 70/71332 mmNoYes
241 mm4.687 1051.00Black165 mmHDPE5 lS 60/61195 mmNoYes
259 mm4.005 6021.00Black300 mmHDPE10 lS 60/61200 mmNoYes
401 mm4.692 3911.00Black290 mmHDPE20 lS 60/61245 mmNoYes