Safety funnel with ball valve, V2.0, HDPE, electrostatic conductive

Black. The valve only opens up during filling and then closes automatically afterwards.

  • With grounding cable
  • Hinged lid with sealing ring
  • Sieve and splash guard are removable
  • Safety lance ( 220 mm) for safe flowing

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourFunnel ØLength
MaterialThreadWith lanceKogus 
4.682 0041.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPES 60/61Yes
4.682 0101.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPEB 83Yes
4.682 0051.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPEGL 45Yes
4.682 0121.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPES 50Yes
4.682 0061.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPES 90Yes
4.682 0081.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPES 55Yes
4.682 0111.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPES 70/71Yes
4.682 0091.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPES 65Yes
4.682 0151.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPEGL 45No
4.682 0071.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPES 51Yes
4.682 0131.00Black200 mm220 mmHDPER2" BSP/G2" + 2" TriSureNo