Safety funnels 180, PE-EX, electrostatic conductive, with ball valve

Black. Funnels, with removable sieve, splash guard and ball valve, for liquid waste disposal. The funnels are supplied with mounted grounding cable (length 1.5 m). Optionally available with two attachable filling tubes (Ø 36 mm and usable length 97 mm per tube).

  • Freely turnable cap
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistant from -50 to 80 °C

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourFunnel ØMaterialThreadWith lanceKogus 
4.681 7841.00Black180 mmPEGL 45Yes
4.681 8041.00Black180 mmPES 60Yes
4.681 7981.00Black180 mmPES 55Yes
4.681 8241.00Black180 mmPES 90Yes
4.681 8201.00Black180 mmPES 70Yes
4.681 7891.00Black180 mmPES 50Yes
4.681 8261.00Black180 mmPEG2" / TriSure2"Yes
4.681 8301.00Black180 mmPEMauser 2"Yes
4.681 8151.00Black180 mmPES 65Yes
4.681 7931.00Black180 mmPES 51Yes
4.681 7831.00Black180 mmPEGL 45No