Safety shower combination ClassicLine

ClassicLine safety shower combination, with safety eye shower optionally with bowl, lid and face wash unit.

  • Including top and bottom water inlet ¾” female for installation in circulation lines, plug ¾” of stainless steel
  • Wall flange with 4 mounting holes of stainless steel, chemical resistant green powder coated
  • Connection piece of stainless steel, for easy installation and alignment of the shower
  • Ball valve ¾” of brass, with quick connect system and pull rod actuation
  • Pull rod with ring handle of stainless steel, chemical resistant green powder coated, length 700 mm
  • Wall shower arm ¾“ of stainless steel, chemical resistant green powder coated
  • Integrated automatic flow regulation
  • High-performance shower head of chemical resistant plastics, black, with improved spray pattern, corrosion resistant, largely calcification- and maintenance-free, very robust, self-draining
  • Integrated ClassicLine safety eye shower with two spray heads 45°
  • Connection pipe of stainless steel for easy installation and alignment of the shower, chemical resistant green powder coated, water inlet ¾” male
  • Ball valve ½” of brass, with PUSH-lever actuation, DIN-DVGW tested and certificated
  • Big push plate made of steel
  • Integrated flow regulation 14 litre / minute for a standard-compliant jet pattern at a specified working range of 1.5 to 5 bar flow pressure
  • High-performance spray heads for large-scale dispersion of water, 45° angled, with plastic spray plate, largely free of calcification, with rubber sleeves and sealed dust caps with folding mechanism, mounted over distributor fork
  • Sign for eye shower according to EN ISO 7010 und ASR A1.3, self-adhesive PVC-film, 100 x 100 mm, viewing distance 10 metres
  • Mounting height 810 mm (± 100 mm)
  • According to BGI/GUV-I 850-0, DIN 1988 and EN 1717
  • According to ANSI Z358.1-2014, EN 15154-1:2006, EN 15154-2:2006 and EN 15154-5:2019
  • DIN-DVGW tested and certificated
  • Total height: 1625 mm
  • Projection: 630 mm
  • Installation height: 810 mm
  • Operating pressure: 1.5 to 3 bar
  • Flow rate: 50 l/min
  • Flow rate eye shower 14 litre / minute

Toote variatsioonid

DescriptionAttachmentCatalog numberPKKogus 
with bowlWall mounted6.289 3521.00
without bowlWall mounted6.289 3511.00
with face wash unit, bowl and lidWall mounted6.323 4881.00