Silylation reagents – MSTFA

m.w. 199.1, Bp 70 °C (75 mm Hg), density d20°/4° = 1.11
MSTFA: R’ = CF3, R” = CH3
The most volatile trimethylsilyl amide available.
Very strong TMS donor which does not cause any noticeable fouling of the FID burning chamber even after long-time measuring series.
The already good solution characteristics can be improved by addition of submolar quantities of protic solvents (e.g. TFA for extremely polar compounds such as hydrochlorides) or pyridine (e.g. for carbohydrates).

Toote variatsioonid

DescriptionCapacity mlCatalog numberPKKogus 
MSTFA1004.001 4936.00
MSTFA506.227 4506.00
MSTFA1004.001 49212.00
MSTFA17.055 89220.00
MSTFA106.704 0911.00
MSTFA1006.227 6831.00
MSTFA106.085 4755.00