Skin Protection Cream LINDESA® PROFESSIONAL with Beeswax

Non-greasy, quickly absorbed. The cream strengthens the defensive functions of the skin, preventing skin damage from external pollution and soothes irritation. Smooths and cleans without leaving a residue. LINDESA® PROFESSIONAL gives the skin elasticity and suppleness through its special caring agents. The sense of touch is not affected. For low levels of soiling it provides protection against weak acids, alkalis and organic substances.

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CapacityCatalog numberPerfume freeSilicone freeType of
Type of productPKKogus 
50 ml4.665 408NoYesTubeCream10.00
100 ml9.191 161NoYesTubeCream1.00
50 ml9.191 159NoYesTubeCream1.00
100 ml4.665 407NoYesTubeCream10.00