Sterilisation rolls, with gusset

Heat-sealable sterilisation reels as a packaging solution for sterilisation applications, ensure reliable protection of the medical device against contamination with bacteria from the time of sterilisation until use of the sterile medical device. The sterilisation reels are constructed from transparent PET/PP multi-layer copolymer film and medical grade paper. Water based, non-toxic process indicators for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation (complying with ISO 11140-1) are applied on the paper surface. This helps differentiating between processed and unprocessed packages. The sterilisation reels are effective barriers against germs and according the requirements of ISO 11607, EN 868-5 and ISO 11140-1 standards.

  • Reinforced film to avoid tearing during opening
  • Clean and accurate indicator colour change
  • Tear, fibre-free opening and aseptic presentation
  • Triple band seal for higher package integrity
  • Heat sealable sterilisation rolls

Toote variatsioonid

LengthCatalog numberWidthPKKogus 
100 m6.272 262150 mm1.00
100 m6.272 26075 mm1.00
100 m6.272 266350 mm1.00
100 m6.272 267400 mm1.00
100 m6.272 261100 mm1.00
100 m6.272 265300 mm1.00
100 m6.272 264250 mm1.00
100 m6.272 263200 mm1.00