Syringes BD Discardit™ II, disposable, 2-piece, PP/PE, sterile

Clear barrel for perfect visualisation of syringe contents.

  • 2-piece syringes with Luer-Tip
  • Smooth plunger movement, reduced sliding force
  • Retaining ring: prevents accidential plunger rod withdrawal
  • Leak-tight: Tested in compliance with ISO 7886-1
  • Scale marking: accurate graduation suited to user’s needs
  • Design of finger grip flanges ensure stability and comfort during injection
  • Ergonomically designed plunger for single-handed operation
  • Barrel material: Polypropylene
  • Plunger material: Polyethylene
  • Plunger lubricant: Oleamide
  • Colour-coded packing units
  • Sterilization method: Ethylene oxide
  • Silicone oil-free
  • Sterile single packing, single use, latex-free, PVC-free

For pressure applications we recommend three-part syringes.

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Catalog numberPKDivisionNominal capacityStandardSterileMaterial barrelKogus 
6.052 15780.001.0 ml20 mlISO 7886-1YesPP
6.052 153100.000.1 ml2 mlISO 7886-1YesPP
9.410 403100.000.5 ml10 mlISO 7886-1YesPP
7.619 784100.000.2 ml5 mlISO 7886-1YesPP