Syringes BD Emerald™, disposable, 3 pieces, PP/TPE, sterile

Syringe barrel and plunger made of polypropylene (PP), double sealing ring made of green latex-free elastomer (TPE). All sizes with Luer concentric nozzle.

  • EO sterilized, single packs
  • Latex and PVC-free
  • Plunger lubricant silicone oil
  • Plunger stop by retaining ring
  • Ribbed thumb rest surface

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Catalog numberPKDivisionNominal capacitySterileMaterial barrelKogus 
6.280 280100.000.1 ml2 mlYesPP
7.971 499100.000.2 ml10 mlYesPP
6.280 281100.000.2 ml5 mlYesPP