Ultra-low temperature freezer SUFsg, with water cooling

  • With water cooling

Toote variatsioonid

ColourDepth int.Door hingeExternal dimensions (WxDxH)Ext. depthExt. heightExt. widthHeight int.Internal dimensions (WxDxH)Int. widthMax. temperatureMin. temperatureNo. of chambersNo. of doorsNominal capacityCatalog numberPower supplyTemperatureTypeWeightPKKogus 
White605 mmRight920 x 1,082 x 1966 mm1082 mm1966 mm920 mm1300 mm606 x 605 x 1300 mm606 mm40 °C-86 °C11477 l4.679 876230 V, 50 Hz-86 ... -40 °CSUFsg 5001-H72254 kg1.00
White605 mmRight1,204 x 1,082 x 1966 mm1082 mm1966 mm1204 mm1300 mm890 x 605 x 1300 mm890 mm40 °C-86 °C11700 l4.679 878230 V, 50 Hz-86 ... -40 °CSUFsg 7001-H72313 kg1.00