Ultrasonic Homogeniser UP200Ht

Digital ultrasonic processor, 200 watts, for handheld and stand-mounted use, frequency 26kHz (auto-scan), amplitude 20-100%, pulse 10-100%, titanium horn Ø10mm (max. amplitude at horn 70µm), colored touch-screen, amplitude or power control, countdown (timer): 0.1sec to 99 days, shutdown when final energy input reached (Ws, Wh, kWh), autom. Calibration of the amplitude-dependent idle power, data recording: amplitude, power, time, temperature on internal SD/USB ComboCard (1GB), display and remote control via browser on PC/MAC without software installation, remote control via PLC, with temperature sensor, temperature indication: °C/°F (-50°C to 200°C), temperature monitoring, dry running protected, sample illumination, anti-bacterial plastic housing, simplified exchange sonotrodes, power supply 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, IP41 grade, set weight: 1300g, Carrying case incl. fixture for stand STH-12 and 3m network cable

Toote variatsioonid

TypeType of auxiliary energymin. sample volume mlmax. sample volume mlPulsationmin. amplitude control %max. amplitude control %Operating frequency kHzWeight HF generator kgmin. Runtime / timer Hr: min: secmax. Runtime / timer Hr: min: secContinuous operationUltrasonic nominal power WCatalog numberPKKogus 
UP200Ht24 VDC, 9 A Power adaptor: 100-240 VAC0.10200010 ... 100 %20100261.300:00:0012:00:00No2009.106 6201.00