Vacuum desiccators, PP / PC

This lightweight plastic vacuum desiccator holds a full vacuum of 760 mm Hg at room temperature for 24 hours.

  • Polycarbonate lid with large ribbed button
  • White PP base
  • Incl. 0.32 cm thick perforated plate
  • Conical polypropylene valve with PTFE cone, for hoses with 6.4 – 9.5 mm I.D.
  • With neoprene O-ring, for sealing up to 0 °C without grease

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKFlange ext. ØFlange int. ØHeightMaterialPlate ØSuitable for
With plateWith stopcockKogus 
9.042 6731.00273 mm240 mm311 mmPP/PC230 mmYesYesYes
9.042 6721.00230 mm197 mm260 mmPP/PC190 mmYesYesYes
9.042 6711.00171 mm149 mm206 mmPP/PC140 mmYesYesYes