Weighting rings, O-shape, lead

Lead rings for stabilising vessels in a water bath. Coated with red Vikem® vinyl to protect glassware.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourExt. ØFor flasksInt. ØMaterialMaterial
Catalog numberWeightPKKogus 
Red51 mm5 ... 10 ml19 mmLeadPVC7.072 085165 g1.00
Red76 mm125 ... 500 ml43 mmLeadPVC7.072 092227 g1.00
Red102 mm500 ... 2000 ml56 mmLeadPVC7.054 160681 g1.00
Red89 mm250 ... 1000 ml51 mmLeadPVC7.072 093454 g1.00