Weighting rings, O-shape, lead

LAB-Rings to stabilise glassware and plasticware on shakers or to immerse in water baths. Vinyl-coated lead rings will not mark or scratch benchtops and labware.

Toote variatsioonid

ColourExt. ØFor flasksInt. ØMaterialMaterial
Catalog numberWeightPKKogus 
Blue90 mm250 ... 1000 ml51 mmLeadPVC6.242 742508 g1.00
Blue115 mm1000 ... 4000 ml70 mmLeadPVC7.054 161970 g1.00
Blue77 mm125 ... 500 ml48 mmLeadPVC6.243 010277 g1.00
Blue98 mm500 ... 2000 ml57 mmLeadPVC6.243 011635 g1.00