Beakers glass, DURAN®, low form

DIN 12331. ISO 3819. With spout. From 25 ml with graduation. With easy-to-read scale and large labelling field for easy marking. In fired-on, highly durable white ceramic. Due to the uniform wall thickness, it is suitable for use as a heating vessel. Glass Type I / neutral as per USP, EP and JP. With retrace code (Batch Identification, for all) except 5ml, 10ml and 25ml. Certificate available via the Internet. Autoclavable.

Toote variatsioonid

ØHeightMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberShapeStandardType of
With spoutPKKogus 
YesWhite80 mm110 mmDURAN® glass400 ml4.665 748LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite34 mm50 mmDURAN® glass25 ml4.665 746LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite50 mm70 mmDURAN® glass100 ml4.665 751LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite100 mm135 mmDURAN® glass800 ml4.665 744LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite105 mm145 mmDURAN® glass1000 ml4.665 747LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite70 mm95 mmDURAN® glass250 ml4.665 749LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
Yes-22 mm30 mmDURAN® glass5 ml9.013 007LowISO 3819, DIN 12331-Yes1.00
Yes-22 mm30 mmDURAN® glass5 ml4.665 752LowISO 3819, DIN 12331-Yes10.00
YesWhite90 mm125 mmDURAN® glass600 ml4.665 745LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite50 mm70 mmDURAN® glass100 ml9.013 024LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
Yes-26 mm35 mmDURAN® glass10 ml9.013 008LowISO 3819, DIN 12331-Yes1.00
YesWhite42 mm60 mmDURAN® glass50 ml4.665 753LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
Yes-26 mm35 mmDURAN® glass10 ml4.665 754LowISO 3819, DIN 12331-Yes10.00
YesWhite60 mm80 mmDURAN® glass150 ml4.665 750LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite170 mm270 mmDURAN® glass5000 ml9.013 073LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite42 mm60 mmDURAN® glass50 ml9.013 017LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite132 mm185 mmDURAN® glass2000 ml9.013 063LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite100 mm135 mmDURAN® glass800 ml9.013 053LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite80 mm110 mmDURAN® glass400 ml9.013 041LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite217 mm350 mmDURAN® glass10000 ml9.013 086Low-PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite60 mm80 mmDURAN® glass150 ml9.013 029LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite34 mm50 mmDURAN® glass25 ml9.013 014LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite152 mm210 mmDURAN® glass3000 ml9.013 068LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite90 mm125 mmDURAN® glass600 ml9.013 048LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite70 mm95 mmDURAN® glass250 ml9.013 036LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite105 mm145 mmDURAN® glass1000 ml9.013 054LowISO 3819, DIN 12331PrintedYes1.00