Beakers glass, DURAN®, tall form, without spout

With easy-to-read scale and large labelling field for easy marking. Branded and therefore highly durable, white ceramic.

Toote variatsioonid

ØHeightMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberShapeType of
With spoutPKKogus 
YesWhite60 mm120 mmDURAN® glass250 ml7.020 772TallPrintedNo1.00
YesWhite70 mm130 mmDURAN® glass400 ml7.020 773TallPrintedNo1.00
YesWhite80 mm150 mmDURAN® glass600 ml7.020 774TallPrintedNo1.00
YesWhite54 mm95 mmDURAN® glass150 ml7.020 771TallPrintedNo1.00
YesWhite48 mm80 mmDURAN® glass100 ml7.020 770TallPrintedNo1.00
YesWhite38 mm70 mmDURAN® glass50 ml7.020 769TallPrintedNo1.00
YesWhite95 mm180 mmDURAN® glass1000 ml7.020 775TallPrintedNo1.00