Beakers Super Duty, DURAN®, low form

With approximate graduations and spout. Reinforced, sturdy rim and increased mechanical strength for heavy duty. Glass Type I / neutral glass as per USP, EP and JP. With retrace code (Batch Identification). Certificate available via the Internet. Autoclavable.

Toote variatsioonid

ØHeightMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberShapeType of
With spoutPKKogus 
YesWhite80 mm110 mmDURAN® glass400 ml9.051 152LowPrintedYes1.00
YesWhite70 mm95 mmDURAN® glass250 ml9.051 151LowPrintedYes1.00
YesWhite60 mm80 mmDURAN® glass150 ml9.051 150LowPrintedYes1.00
YesWhite170 mm270 mmDURAN® glass5000 ml9.051 156LowPrintedYes1.00
YesWhite132 mm185 mmDURAN® glass2000 ml9.051 155LowPrintedYes1.00
YesWhite105 mm145 mmDURAN® glass1000 ml9.051 154LowPrintedYes1.00
YesWhite90 mm125 mmDURAN® glass600 ml9.051 153LowPrintedYes1.00