Coating thickness gauges, digital, TB-FN

For measuring of non-magnetic coatings on iron and steel and coatings on non-magnetic metals. The Offset-Accur function allows you to adjust the instrument precisely on the locally measured range by a two-point calibration. This results in a higher accuracy of approx. 1 % of the measured value.

  • Selectable measuring units: µm, inch (mil)
  • Auto-Power-Off
  • Battery operation

Scope of supply:
Coating thickness gauge, external sensor, base plate, calibration foils, carrying case

Toote variatsioonid

Measuring range µmDepthDimensions (WxDxH)HeightCatalog numberPower supplyReadabilityWidthPKKogus 
100/100069 mm161 x 69 x 32 mm32 mm4.691 2004 x 1,5 V AA0,1/1 µm161 mm1.00