Filter paper, qualitative, sheets

Highly pure filter paper (approx. 0.08% ash) recommended for precise identification of materials and for sample preparation prior to sensitive detection methods. These filter papers are perfectly qualified for food control according to LFBG paragraph 64 para. 1 and 2, beverage analysis and environmental monitoring.

  • Made of the same raw materials (super-refined cotton linters and cellulose) like quantitative filter papers
  • High stability and durability due to alpha-Cellulose content above 95%

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKAsh contentDepthShape (Filters)ThicknessTypeType of analysisWeightWidthFiltration speedKogus 
4.006 041100.000.08 %580 mmFilter sheets0.15 mm595Qualtitative68 g/m²580 mm160 s
4.006 038100.000.08 %580 mmFilter sheets0.35 mm591Qualtitative161 g/m²580 mm90 s
4.006 043100.000.08 %580 mmFilter sheets0.18 mm597Qualtitative85 g/m²580 mm155 s
4.006 044100.000.08 %570 mmFilter sheets0.32 mm598Qualtitative139 g/m²460 mm100 s