Filtering facepiece Mandil

DIN EN 149:2009. Filtering half masks of the mandil range stand out owing to their low weight, innovative precast, low breathing resistance and high level of comfort (available with or without Cool Down exhalation valves). The innovative Cool Down valve is a one-way valve that offers easy exhalation for cool, dry comfort. The foamlined nose area with flexible nose clip enables the mask to fit tightly yet comfortably on the skin.

Filtering facepiece Mandil FFP1

  • protection against fine inert particles up to 4.5 times the NPF value

Filtering facepiece Mandil FFP2

  • protection against slightly toxic and harmful particles up to 12.5 times the NPF value

Filtering facepiece Mandil FFP3

  • protection against toxic and highly toxic particles up to 30 times the NPF value
  • continous adjustable harness
  • broad cotton-lined inner sealing lip guarantees clos and comfort fit as well as safety

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKProtection classStandardKogus 
9.005 62112.00FFP1DIN EN 149:2009
9.005 62212.00FFP2DIN EN 149:2009
9.005 62012.00FFP1DIN EN 149:2009
9.005 62312.00FFP2DIN EN 149:2009
9.005 6255.00FFP3DIN EN 149:2009