Hazard labels (GHS)

The “Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals” (GHS) by the United Nations is the basis for a worldwide unification of existing national systems. Film (labels on sheets):

  • for indoor and outdoor use on smooth surfaces
  • water, oil and alkali resistant, permanent adhesive
  • temperature resistance: -40 to +110°C, short term up to +140°C

Important information: GHS labels are without text. The text in the description is only for explanation of the labels and is not used officially.

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDescriptionDimensions mmLabelCatalog numberPKKogus 
GHS 01on card40 x 40exploding bomb9.104 91220.00
GHS 01on card70 x 70exploding bomb9.104 9146.00
GHS 08on card40 x 40health hazard9.104 94220.00
GHS 08on card70 x 70health hazard9.104 9446.00
GHS 08on card100 x 100health hazard9.104 9404.00
GHS 05on roll100 x 100corrosive9.104 946250.00
GHS 09on roll50 x 50environment9.104 938250.00
GHS 06on card100 x 100skull and crossbones9.104 9504.00
GHS 05on roll50 x 50corrosive9.104 948250.00
GHS 06on card40 x 40skull and crossbones9.104 95220.00
GHS 03on card70 x 70flame over circle9.104 9246.00
GHS 03on card40 x 40flame over circle9.104 92220.00
GHS 09on roll100 x 100environment9.104 936250.00
GHS 04on roll50 x 50gas cylinder9.104 928250.00
GHS 07on card70 x 70exclamation mark9.104 9346.00
GHS 04on roll100 x 100gas cylinder9.104 926250.00
GHS 06on card70 x 70skull and crossbones9.104 9546.00
GHS 07on card40 x 40exclamation mark9.104 93220.00
GHS 02on roll50 x 50flame9.104 918250.00
GHS 03on card100 x 100flame over circle9.104 9204.00
GHS 02on card40 x 40flame9.104 91720.00
GHS 06on roll50 x 50skull and crossbones9.104 953250.00
GHS 06on roll100 x 100skull and crossbones9.104 951250.00
GHS 05on card70 x 70corrosive9.104 9496.00
GHS 02on card100 x 100flame9.104 9154.00
GHS 08on roll50 x 50health hazard9.104 943250.00
GHS 03on roll50 x 50flame over circle9.104 923250.00
GHS 02on card70 x 70flame9.104 9196.00
GHS 05on card40 x 40corrosive9.104 94720.00
GHS 07on roll100 x 100exclamation mark9.104 931250.00
GHS 02on roll100 x 100flame9.104 916250.00
GHS 03on card100 x 100gas cylinder9.104 9254.00
GHS 07on card100 x 100exclamation mark9.104 9304.00
GHS 04on card40 x 40gas cylinder9.104 92720.00
GHS 08on roll100 x 100health hazard9.104 941250.00
GHS 09on card70 x 70environment9.104 9396.00
GHS 09on card100 x 100environment9.104 9354.00
GHS 09on card40 x 40environment9.104 93720.00
GHS 05on card100 x 100corrosive9.104 9454.00
GHS 01on roll50 x 50exploding bomb9.104 913250.00
GHS 01on roll100 x 100exploding bomb9.104 911250.00
GHS 01on card100 x 100exploding bomb9.104 9104.00
GHS 07on roll50 x 50exclamation mark9.104 933250.00
GHS 03on roll100 x 100flame over circle9.104 921250.00
GHS 04on card70 x 70gas cylinder9.104 9296.00