HPLC Supply-Set II, type 4

This set with storage bottle and safety cap ensures a safe supply of solvent. The air valve blocks the escape of solvent vapours and ensures pressure equalisation during withdrawal.

Scope of supply:
Safety Cap II (GL28), air valve, change indicator, 1 x 100 ml laboratory bottle (brown glass), 2 x 1,5 m capillary 3,2 mm OD, 2 x PTFE suction filter, 2 x PFA fitting 1,6 mm OD, 2 x PFA fitting 2,3 mm OD, 2 x PFA fitting 3,2 mm OD, 1 x PFA blind plug, labelling field

Toote variatsioonid

No. of blind plugsNo. of fittingsCatalog numberThreadPKKogus 
164.692 398GL 281.00