Membrane filters, Polyamide

Type 250. Polyamide, white. For filtration of alkaline solutions and organic solvents.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourØMaterialPore sizeTypeKogus 
9.053 248100.00White142 mmPA0.20 µm250
9.053 22525.00White90 mmPA0.45 µm250
7.060 509100.00White142 mmPA0.45 µm250
9.053 221100.00White13 mmPA0.45 µm250
9.053 241100.00White13 mmPA0.20 µm250
9.053 243100.00White50 mmPA0.45 µm250
9.053 222100.00White25 mmPA0.20 µm250
9.053 249100.00White293 mmPA0.20 µm250
9.053 24525.00White90 mmPA0.20 µm250
9.053 242100.00White47 mmPA0.45 µm250
9.053 227100.00White25 mmPA0.45 µm250
9.053 224100.00White50 mmPA0.20 µm250
9.053 223100.00White47 mmPA0.20 µm250