OPTIMA® 1 MS Accent ultra-low bleed capillary columns for GC

100 % dimethylpolysiloxane

nonpolar phase with ultra-low bleeding, ideal for ion trap and quadrupol MS detectors increased sensitivity due to an unmatched low background level perfect inertness for basic compounds
solvent rinsing for removal of impurities applicable
application areas: all-round phase for environmental analyses, trace analyses, EPA methods, pesticides, PCB, food and drug analyses
similar phases: Ultra-1, DB-1 MS, HP-1 MS, Rtx-1 MS, Equity™1, AT-1 MS, VF-1 MS, CP-Sil 5 CB MS
max. temperature for isothermal operation 340 °C, max. temperature for short isotherms in a temperature programme 360 °C

Toote variatsioonid

Length mInt. diam. mmFilm thickness µmOuter diam. mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
600.320.500.54.003 0061.00
300.250.500.44.003 0031.00
600.250.500.44.003 0041.00
300.320.500.54.003 0051.00
600. 0021.00
300. 0011.00
300.320.250.54.002 9981.00
600.320.250.54.002 9991.00