Respirators – pure breath

The respirators are completely adhesive and solvent-free, the special texture achieves a high elasticity. The innovative Micronet is more resistant than other filter materials and protects against dirt, dust, liquids and even mechanical loads. The pure breath masks adapt to different head shapes perfectly and are combinable with other personal safety equipment.

  • Testing standards: EN 149:2001

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKProtection classStandardKogus 
4.665 39810.00FFP1EN 149:2001
4.665 38510.00FFP1EN 149:2001
4.665 39710.00FFP2EN 149:2001
4.664 43610.00FFP3EN 149:2001
4.665 10610.00FFP2EN 149:2001