X-plore® 3300, 3500 and 5500

Safe and easy bayonet connection. A unique two-point bayonet connector
attaches both filters to the mask using the same technique. Compact, low-profile design. The swept-back position of the filters guarantees a wide field of vision free from obstruction and ensures optimal fit for use under protective visors. Three sizes (S, M, L) ensure a perfect fit for every type of face. High grade materials provide extreme comfort when worn. Innovative, X-guided, strap system. Cross-over straps ensure an even weight distribution.
Full Face mask X-plore® 3500: Large visor with a high level of chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance. “Drop Down” strap system. Allows mask removal without taking off a hard hat or faceshield: By simply opening the neck clips the respirator slides down from the face and sits close to the body, protected from dirt and grime.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKSizeKogus 
9.005 6011.00M
9.005 6031.00Universal
9.005 6021.00M
6.234 4551.00S
6.232 7281.00L